JP Losman   QB   Tulane


This kid is one hell of an athlete. He is 6' 3' 210 lbs and runs in the 4.50-4.60 range. He also has a pretty good arm to go along with this talent. If he wanted to, he could play a number of different positions on the pro level. He has so much ability it is a little scary. He is a pretty intelligent kid. His major is in Classical Studies. Hmmm, very interesting.

Needs to Improve
He does everything right now on athletic talent alone. That won't do it at the next level. He consistently holds on to the ball too long in the passing game. He is inconsistent and sloppy in his mechanics. I do not sense that he is a leader that wants the people around him to be more successful then he is. He does not understand the meaning of team play.

Bottom Line
This kid has ‘coach killer’ written all over him. You would think with all this talent and brains that this kid would be the next coming of Joe Montana with the brains of Albert Einstein. You would think that he would be rated number one in this draft. You would think that with all the promotion being done by the announcers every time he is on TV that he would be a franchise QB. He isn’t.  Why, you ask? He has so much talent it has eroded his ability to learn and grow in the most important aspect he will need in the pros -- his mind. His EGO has made him a mental midget. Now I know that someone is going to come to his defense and say how wonderful he is and what a great leader he is and look at his stats and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They will attack me and ask,”How can you say this?  You don't know him.”  I see what I see. My opinion is based strictly on his play on the field. His actions on the field speak louder than any information that I have on this kid. The first time I saw this kid play, it was obvious to me that he plays the game with his ego. That would be great if he bothered to include his heart. All the great QB’s have a big ego, but they also play the game with heart. They want to win. I do not think that JP gives a damn about winning, just his stats. How long will it take him to change and will he ever change? I don't think he will.  He likes the competition and the recognition, but doesn't have respect for the game. Will a coach ever be able to get through to him? How many coaches will he go through? He will always have good stats because of his athletic talent. He will always sucker a coach into believing he can turn JP around. As far as I’m concerned there are too many good developmental QB`s in this draft to bother with this kid. He is not worth all the problems that I think he will cause. He will have some early success on the field in the NFL, and then he will break your heart. Not mine.  On my list, he is rated as the third best QB in the draft but his name is written in red. Green means draft him, yellow means draft with concerns (injury, etc.) and red means STOP -- do not Draft.

Drew Boylhart