J.R. Reed   FS   South Florida



J.R. has good speed and strength for his position. He has excellent tackling techniques and shows a great burst to the ball. He has very good instincts and shows leadership qualities. Has a very good set of hands to intercept the ball and is a very good athlete.

J.R. is a pure intercepting machine that doesn’t forget that tackling is an important skill for his position.


Needs to Improve

It would be nice if he were taller (5’ 10”).  J.R., right now, struggles in one-on-one pass coverage and is limited to playing in a two-deep system where he can use his ball- hawking skills and impact.  J.R. needs the play to be in front of him.


Bottom Line

I received an e-mail when I first starting doing the profiles this year asking me about this kid and what I thought about him. My reply was that I had no film on J.R. at that time, so I wasn’t just going to throw out a bunch of garbage to try to impress the e-mailer and that I was sorry, but I could not give an opinion on him yet. It bothered me, so I contacted someone and put the word out that I needed some film -- even if it was a highlight film. So from the highlight film only, this is what I see.  J.R. is one of those players that you need on your team for it to be successful. He will be a big asset on special teams and in nickel/dime zone coverage. He could be very dangerous to the opponent’s QB. He is a big play guy that has talent and plays with his head and heart. He should be picked sometime in the second day because he is limited to playing in a certain scheme defense. His special teams play at the gunner position and maybe as a punt returner.  This, along with his ability to intercept the ball, could very well make him a fan favorite and a core player who makes impact plays. Because of his size, burst (1.59-10yds), speed and agility he reminds me of a player who has always been one of my favorites -- Steve Tasker.  If J.R. has Steve’s character on and off the field, he could be a real find. Big shoes to fill kid, hope you have the set to fill them.


Drew Boylhart