Jacob Bell   OT/OG   Miami Ohio 

Jacob has very good balance and moves his feet well. He has good lateral movement, sits well in his stance and is quick out of his stance. Jacob uses his hands well in the passing game and has good mental toughness. He shows leadership qualities. 

Needs to Improve
Jacob needs to get bigger and stronger. He has been playing in the MAC so he has not been challenged very much. Jacob must improve his lateral quickness if he wants to play tackle in the NFL.

Bottom Line
If you watch the QB for this team, you’re smart if your eyes go to the O-line at some point. A good QB usually means there are some good O-linemen hanging around. Jacob is a very good offensive lineman. He has very good techniques for this level of play. He is also athletic. If he played at the division I level, he would be sought after by a lot of teams. The key for Jacob is, can he get bigger and stronger and keep his quickness and techniques? I think Jacob will be a good guard in a scheme that has a lot of pulling and finesse to it. He should become a core player for the team that drafts him. Jacob has a lot of pride, but has really only enjoyed a program that has dominated its conference in college. When he makes it to the NFL, he will have to go through the mental challenge of a team with fans and coaches that might not be so successful. This will be the biggest shock for him and his QB.

Drew Boylhart