Jacob Rogers   OT   USC

Jacob has good size for the OT position. He has good technique in the passing game and the running game. He plays with good mental toughness and has leadership qualities.

Needs to improve
Jacob needs to develop better lateral movement for a LT. He does lunge a bit, but not so that he goes to the ground on his blocks. He needs to move his feet better when he is blocking in both phases of the game.

Bottom Line
I think Jacob will have to be shifted to the right side, although he does have developmental ability for the left side. The fact that he is not on the ground when he blocks means that he does move his feet, but the senses between his brain and his feet have to be developed better. This can happen; it just takes time and hard work. Jacob will do that. He will do what ever it takes. Jacob should be a good teammate and leader and a nice late 1st to early 2nd round pick. If he slips to the third, (this does happen because he is not flashy) it's a no-brainer. I like his toughness and mental control. I think in the NFC Jacob is a LT, but in the AFC, he might have to be moved to the right side until he develops. The good thing about him is that he can back up both tackles if needed. He is smart and levelheaded and has played in a pro style offense. He can help right away.


Drew Boylhart