Jake Grove†† OC†† Virginia Tech

Jake has good balance and blocking techniques in the passing and running game. He has leadership qualities. He is a solid center and a good teammate. Jake understands the need for good leverage when defending against the bull rush.

Needs to Improve
Jake will need to get bigger and stronger and when he does, with his natural balance, he could start to dominate. Jakeís arms are a little shorter then I like to see in a center, so he must get quicker in his lateral movement.

Bottom Line
The key for improvement for Jake to be a possible pro bowl center is his lateral movement. His arms are a little short and he has to be able to move quicker so that he can keep leverage when helping out the guard and recovering for stunts in the passing game. With this in mind, Jake is a first day pick, but not a first round pick. Jake will have to work hard and do a lot of drills to accomplish this. I know he will. Jake, run down the steps as fast as you cannot up the steps. Time yourself and get faster every day. Make sure you hit every step without slipping and donít hold on to the banister. This will increase your balance and your brain functions to move your feet better. You won't get any groin pulls this way either. Jake is a solid pick right now with the POTENTIAL to get even better.

Drew Boylhart