James Newson   WR   Oregon St

James has very good size and speed for his position. He runs good routes. James wants to be a star in the NFL. James has a lot of potential to impact because of his size and speed.

Need to Improve
There is one big problem with James. It is a problem that is the worst possible problem for a wide receiver to have. James can't catch the ball. Other then that, he is pretty good.

Bottom Line
There is either something wrong with James's eyes or, he just can't catch the ball. He tries hard, but he just can't catch the ball. He is fast enough, but he just can't catch the ball. I know he has a lot of big time stats, BUT he just can't catch the ball. Every time I see this kid play he makes a great catch and then it is followed by a ball he drops. What do you do with a kid who has good size, good speed, runs good routes and just can't catch the ball? First, you check his eyes out. If everything is all right, you don't draft him. If he needs glasses, you tell him to keep his mouth shut until after you pick him in the draft. Then you fit him with glasses and turn him into the sleeper pick of the draft. Pow! You are now considered a genius player evaluator. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame…it doesn't last long. In fact, it lasts less than 15 minutes. By the way, make sure you check to see if the kid has memorized the eye chart. This is a trick used all the time when kids don't want to wear glasses or think they don't need them. (Duh) I know it's a curse -- and a gift.

Drew Boylhart