Jared Lorenzen   QB   Kentucky



Jared has good arm strength and very good athleticism. He can make plays with his arm and feet. He has good presence in the pocket and good vision when scrambling. Jared has a lot of hidden athletic talent. He has stats that are equal to some of the best college QB’s before they became pros. He has the athletic talent to be a franchise QB in the NFL.


Needs to Improve

This is what I see on film.  I see an undisciplined, ‘looking for the dramatics’ boy who is fooling himself about his abilities to play professional football at the weight at which he’s currently playing. I see a boy who says ‘Yes’ to everyone just to make them think he is listening to them and then does whatever he wants. I see a boy that contributes to plays breaking down so that he can do something dramatic on the field to draw attention to himself. I do not see a player that I would draft.


Bottom Line

Jared reminds me of a boy who tells you anything you want to hear so that you will like him. He has no leadership qualities because he doesn’t take responsibilities for his actions. Jared does not feel that he has ever done anything wrong and he always has an excuse. I suspect that after this profile that Jared will want to kick my ass. To be honest with you, I have had my ass kicked by bigger people than Jared, so it’s not that big a thing. Personally, I hope this profile is wrong and the proof will be if Jared gets drafted. I don’t think he will. Jared has the talent, but he has to look at himself in the mirror and admit to his demons then he will succeed and I hope with all my heart he does that.  Besides…I never said that getting kicked in the ass doesn’t hurt.


Drew Boylhart