Jarrett Payton   RB   Miami

Jarrett has good size, good strength and good speed for his position. He has excellent mental toughness. He has enough speed to turn the corner and enough strength to run between the tackles. He will also be an asset on special teams for the team that drafts him.

Needs to Improve
Jarrett needs to improve his RB skills. He lacks good vision in the hole, good lateral cutting ability and does not change speeds very well at this time.

Bottom Line
Jarrett is determined to make it as a RB in the NFL. He loves the game and has an inner need to play. I believe that if Jarrett stays injury free, he will be a RB that will succeed in the NFL. I don’t know where he will be picked. I would guess sometime on the second day, but that really doesn’t matter. Jarrett will be a star. I’m not saying this because of his father. I am saying this from what I see on film. I see a running back with speed. I see a running back with power that makes it difficult to tackle him. I see a running back that makes first downs on third and one. I see a RB that is almost fully recovered from a very bad knee injury and has not yet reached his full potential. I see a player that
listens to his coach and is a great teammate. Yes, I know his running back skills are not as developed as others in this draft. That's why Jarrett is a 2nd day pick. I have no doubt that he will learn. I also see a running back that is being compared to his father. I won’t do that. Jarrett Payton is the type of back that if he is selected and gets a chance to get on the field, you won’t take him off. He is the Chris Spielman of the RB’s of this draft. Now, we all know that Chris was a LB. We all also know that if you look at Chris you would say that there is no way he was a successful NFL player. You look at Chris and say, ‘No way…I can beat that guy on every play. Chris Spielman willed himself to be a good football player. Jarrett Payton will do the same. Jarrett is not a boom or bust player he is pure boom. Jarrett (Boom, Boom) Payton…I like it.

Drew Boylhart