Jason Babin†† DE†† Western Michigan St



Jason has good size for his position and has dominated his level of play at his position. He is quick and has good speed. He uses his hands well and has good techniques. Jason shows leadership qualities and likes the responsibilities that go along with being a core player of his team. He will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

The big question that has to be answered of Jason is does his play now translate to him eventually dominating at the NFL level -- and if it does, how long will it take before that happens?


Bottom Line

Ok, here is how I see Jason in the NFL. He dominates at his level in college. This is good. He is smart and can learn and he does have athletic talent. The problem is that he uses techniques right now that are meant for bigger and stronger players. He reads and reacts. He uses his hands to shed and can do all of these things because he is stronger and quicker than his opponents. He will not be stronger or quicker at the pro level. He will have to learn all new techniques and it will take some time to do this. I think that Jason will be a solid DE in the NFL, but not a dominating DE. He will have trouble at the point of attack because his physique limits him from getting any bigger than he is right now. He can eventually handle the point through learning the correct techniques, but this will have to come with experience. I think that Jason will become a player in the same mold of a Grant Wistrom or Aaron Schobel. These guys are solid players that every team needs to be a winning team. They are not impact players, but do make impact plays that are not noticed by the media and the fans. Jason will be a core player for the team that picks him, but it will take time. As long as a coach can see improvement every year in a player, they will stick with that player. Jason will show improvement every year until he becomes a player you can count on. Thatís what I see in this kidís play on the film -- a need to be counted on by the players around him.


Drew Boylhart