Jason Geathers   WR   Miami

Jason is a tall and strong. He has very good speed and has good run after the catch potential. He catches the ball with his hands and not with his body.

Needs to Improve
Jason knows nothing about the receiver position. Nothing, nada, zilch. Anybody that tries to profile him with some sort of intelligent mumble jumble is pulling your appendage.

Bottom Line
The good thing about Jason is that he knows nothing about being a receiver and has the talent of a 1st day pick. The bad thing about Jason is that he didn’t transfer out of Miami to another college so that he could play and learn something about the receiver position. Jason was recruited by Miami, I believe, as a RB. That was the 1st bad move. Then he was convinced by the Miami coaches that he was going to get on the field as a RB.  That was the 2nd bad move by Jason. Then he agreed to become a WR just so they could get him on the field, but it was too late in his college career to learn or impact at that position. That's the 3rd bad move. The first time I saw Jason catch a ball and take off, it sent chills down my spine. I sat up and said, “Who is that kid?” It took me an hour to find out who he was and after that I looked for him every time Miami played. I saw him take a simple quick slant, catch it with his hands, take off straight up the field with good lean and powerful legs for about a 15-yd gain. He was so quick and smooth and graceful it just shocked me. Now let's get back to reality. You interview him big time. If everything checks out along with his workouts, you draft him the 2nd day. The POTENTIAL for this kid to be a big time sleeper is staring you right in the face with this kid. HE IS TALENTED. Jason (Get-a-long) Geathers. He needs to get-a-long with his career.

Drew Boylhart