Jason Peters†† TE†† Arkansas



Jason has very good size for his position and excellent speed. He has good hands and does well at the college level in the blocking game. Jason might be able to be used as an extra O-lineman in injury situations. He has excellent athletic talent for a kid his size, or any size for that matter.


Needs to Improve

Jason is overweight and immature. The scoutís politically correct word for this is ďunderachieverĒ.


Bottom Line

I bet some scout or coach is going to think that they can make this kid a left tackle because of his size and athletic talent. Itís just not going to happen. At this stage of his career, he doesnít have the mental toughness to play that position or he just doesnít want to.If he did, he would have played the LT position in college. Letís face it, with this kidís size and athletic talent, we should be talking about him as a first round pick, but we arenít. Why? Iím mean really! He is big, tall, strong, can block, has good hands, is 320 lbs, and can run a 4.80 to a 4.90 in the forty. Someone please tell me why he would not be considered a first rounder! When you see this kid on the field and you watch somebody on the other team try to tackle him, itís a joke. Is Jason still growing or is he just eating himself out of his potential? The big question is ĎWhen do you take this kid?í There is a big difference between 3rd round money and 4th round money. Do you move to the dark side and take him in the third round - or earlier? This kid for me is normally a 4th rounder, but even I am tempted to be drawn to the dark side and take him in the third. He has tremendous potential and he is a good kid. Yes, he has a lot to learn, but does he have the work ethic to learn it? I say NO.NO to the third round and no to the dark side for meÖ itís the 4th rd or nothing at all. I think!

Drew Boylhart