Jason Shivers   S/FS   Arizona St



Jason has very good front line speed and strength for his position. He shows a good burst to the ball and good hands for the interception. He shows very good tackling techniques and loves to play the run more than the pass. Jason has a very good work ethic and will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

Jason is locked in the hips and needs to keep the play in front of him at all times. This limits him to being a safety in a two deep zone system.


Bottom Line

Jason is a very effective player as long as the play is in front of him. He will not do well in a one-on-one coverage scheme. He is also a bit of a workout warrior and this sometimes leads to a lot of pulled hamstrings and other nagging injuries. If Jason is in the right system, he should be effective; however, his lack of cover skills could make him a nickel/dime safety with good special team skills only. Most teams will rate Jason too high in this draft because he shines in the running game with his excellent tackling abilities. I do not think that Jason will ever have the change of direction ability to be an every-down safety in the NFL unless he plays in the correct system for his skills. I like Jason in a two deep zone system only. He will be able to use his speed and instincts to impact in that type of system.


Drew Boylhart