Jeb TerryOG ††North Carolina



Jeb has good size and good athleticism for the guard position. He uses his hands well, has a good hand punch and does well picking up stunts and blitzing opponents. He shows leadership qualities and good mental toughness. He played guard and tackle for his college team.


Need to Improve

Jeb is not a strong run blocker. His hips are locked and he doesnít come off the snap with good explosion. He is more of a finesse blocker in general, but very solid with his techniques when he doesnít try to help out other linemen too much.


Bottom Line

Jeb is a good lineman that has been with a program that is struggling right now. He has played more than one O-line position, but for the pros, he is strictly a guard. He should be†† successful in WCO type of blocking schemes and he should be a core player for the team that drafts him. As Jeb improves his lower body strength and run blocking techniques, he should be able to play in any blocking scheme. Jeb is underrated a little bit because he has gotten into a lot of bad habits by trying to help out his fellow linemen. Some scouts are going to say that he needs work on his techniques, but I think he just needs a coach that tells him if he doesnít stop worrying about other peopleís jobs, he will bury him in the depth chart. Jeb has the ability and mental toughness to help a team right away, but because he is a one position only O-lineman, he will fall to the 2nd day.


Drew Boylhart