Jeff Smoker†† QB†† Michigan St

Jeff is a very good QB whose skills translate to the NFL very well. He is a leader and has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches. He has a good arm and moves well in the pocket. He is not afraid to make decisions on or off the field.

Needs to Improve
Jeff needs to continue his fight to define his worth as not just a football player, but as a productive human being whose value to his friends and loved ones is measured more by his actions off the field.

Bottom Line
I get a lot of e-mails that say I have a little different style to my profiles. At first, I didnít understand what people were talking about. As I was formulating Jeff's profile, it hit me. I look at the business side of the draft. I have managed a business for years and my look at a player is not just talent, but also from the point of view of handing a physically talented kid millions of dollars over the life of a contract and how that might affect the play of that player on the field. This is the concern with Jeff. Lord knows he has the talent to play in the NFL. What round you take a player in does not affect how well he plays on the field. It affects one thing only -- how much money you are willing to invest in a player compared with his projected worth to a team as a starter or a backup. I donít think thereís any question of Jeff's potential as a starter or possibly, impact player. Jeff has the talent to be a first day pick. He has talent equal to, or better than, Drew Brees. Jeff, to his credit, has come forward in a very public manner and addressed his problem. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that. Whether he is picked the first day or not will not be decided here. The NFL teams that check him out will decide that. In any other draft, he would be a player that teams would be drooling over. There are so many developmental QBís in this draft that Jeff might get lost in the shuffle and not be selected until the second day. Some team is going to find themselves one hell of a QB. Be patient, Jeff, you will be rewarded on draft day with being one of only 300 players to be chosen to play in the NFL. That is an honor in itself no matter what round you are drafted.

Drew Boylhart