Jeremy LeSueur†† CB†† Michigan



Jeremy has very good size and straight-line speed for his position. He has nice long arms and shows a good burst to the ball when itís in the air. Jeremy is a good teammate and a team player. He has changed his position for the team and at this time in the college game, he is a two-position player.


Needs to Improve

Jeremyís best position in the NFL should be at the free safety position. His long legs make it hard for him to change direction after he turns and runs with the WR. He also needs to get stronger in his tackling techniques.


Bottom Line

Jeremy right now needs a lot of work on his techniques. He hesitates in his decision-making and also tries to do too much, which makes him play out of control. IMO Jeremy should eventually be a good free safety that has the ability to go from sideline to sideline; however, until he gains some confidence, he should play in a two deep zone system. He does very well when the play is in front of him. He should be a very good defender in the red zone because of his height and because he can keep the play in front of him. Jeremy has to be drafted by the right team that is willing to bring him along slowly and not give him to much responsibility at first. He has to learn that not every play that comes at him has to be an impact play on his part. Somebody has to calm this kidís thinking down a notch or two. If they can, then he might be a pretty good player; if not, heíll make costly mistakes and he wonít be on the field for long.


Drew Boylhart