Jerricho Cotchery   WR   North Carolina St



Jerricho has good size and speed for his position. He runs very good routes and has excellent hands. He has good run after the catch skills and is very smart. Jerricho will be a good teammate and has been the #1 WR for his college program. He shows up for the big games and the little games. He is an underrated receiver.


Needs to Improve

Jerricho has been in a program with a QB that has a quick release, but a weak arm. He has not been able to show all of his skills.


Bottom Line

Jerricho is a very underrated receiver coming out in a year when there are a lot of WR’s with big names and big reputations. This program’s QB has gotten a lot of credit; and for some reason, Jerricho has been overlooked. He catches the ball with defenders hanging all over him and when he does everyone says, “What a great pass.” He breaks his routes off to help his QB and when he does everybody says, “Did you see how smart Rivers was on that play?” Jerricho just goes about his business and never complains. He is not a WR that is a product of a system; he is a WR that makes an offensive system work. Jerricho is a lot faster than he has been given credit for. Scouts will see that when he runs for them. He runs routes now that are made to be short, quick routes that are similar to the routes a TE would run only from a WR position. That was his job. He can get deep, but is not a burner and when he learns some pro techniques, he will become a very valuable receiver for the team that drafts him. Philip Rivers is a very smart QB with excellent talent at the college level. His favorite receiver is very smart and has the talent to be a core player at the NFL level. How dare the scouts get this mixed up and blame the lack of arm strength of a QB as being the reason they missed this player.


Drew Boylhart