Joey Thomas ††CB ††Montana St

Joey has very good size for his position. He has nice long legs and long arms. He has good hip flip to go along with his speed. Joey has good quickness and the ability to change direction equal to the better CB's in this draft.

Needs to Improve
Joey has had some injury problems that have kept him from being on the field. He has a very slight frame. Joey gets pushed around a lot by the receivers. He is not a good tackler at this stage of his career. Joey will need to work hard on his techniques. Iím not convinced that Joey is up to the pounding that his body will take on the NFL level mentally.

Bottom Line
Joey needs to get a lot stronger. He has very good talent as a cover corner, but in the NFL Joey will have to do more than just cover a receiver. He will have to come up and meet the point of attack on a sweep. He will have to learn to fight through blocks to tackle a WR or a RB. He will have to learn the bump and run techniques that are used in the NFL and he will have to stay injury free for more than five games at a pop to have any impact for the team that picks him. He plays light and doesn't tackle very well and gets injured a lot at the level at which he plays now. Imagine what would happen in the NFL. This kid is a personal trainerís dream come true. Skinny is not the word I would use to describe this kidís build. I would say, more Bambi-like. In fact, if he doesn't get into the weight room soon and become a better tackler, he will get buried in the forest with the other creatures.

Drew Boylhart