John Navarre   QB   Michigan

John has a strong arm and good size for the QB position. He is a pure pocket passer. He has been a three-year starter. John has learned to handle an enormous amount of pressure from the fans of a program that expect to win every game they play. He has done a very good job of handling this off-the-field pressure.

Needs to Improve
What John needs to improve is something that he will not be able to accomplish. You can only hide John's weakness for so long and then it will jump up and bite you every time you play an important game.

Bottom Line
John is a three-year starter with a strong arm and good size. He has a boatload of stats in a big time winning program. He is a good kid and a good teammate and he listens to his coaches and follows the game plan to a tee. He will go to the combine and impress everyone with his size and natural arm strength and interviews. So what’s wrong with this picture? Why is John not even being considered as a 1st round draft pick? Remember,
there are two things that you can't teach that a starting QB needs to be successful in the NFL. He must have natural arm strength and mental toughness. John has the arm, but not the mental toughness. You blitz this kid, put him on his butt and he is done for the game. He can be a back up and even fool a lot of people into thinking he is starting material. When the big game comes he will wilt. He is not a leader and he doesn’t make the people around him better. It's a shame…he is a terrific talent in every other part of the game. He has all the physical skills and none of the mental needed to succeed. This problem follows an even bigger one - his teammates do not respect him. This is a recipe for disaster on a football team.

Drew Boylhart