Johnnie Morant†† WR†† Syracuse



Johnnie has very good size, strength and speed for his position. He has strong hands and catches the ball away from his body. He has good run after the catch abilities and has the strength to break tackles. Johnnie has the ability to go deep and overpower the CB for the circus catch.


Needs to Improve

Johnnie is very inconsistent and does not work very hard off the field to improve his football instincts. At times on the field, he looks totally lost and uninspired. Johnnie has also had some off field problems that will need to be investigated.


Bottom Line

This is another one of those kids who has enough talent to dominate at the next level, but hasnít bothered to dominate at the college level. He is inconsistent in his route running and catching the ball. He takes false steps all over the place and when he went up against DeAngelo Hall (who is three inches smaller and 20 lbs lighter), he got schooled big time. There is no real reason why Johnnie is not being considered as a first day pick, but the fact that he has decided to impress the scouts at his pro day and not bothered to play up to his talent potential is typical of a pampered player who coaches keep on the field in the hope that something clicks and this kid starts living up to his talent. Johnnie smells money right now and he is trying to impress the scouts with his athletic talent. All I can say is that I would be more impressed if he showed me that he could play with some heart.


Drew Boylhart