Jonathan Vilma†† LB†† Miami

Jonathan is very quick and strong for his size. He has good change of direction and has played both inside and outside LB for the Miami program. He has good leadership skills and has admirable tackling technique. I like Jonathan in the passing game. He has good speed for his position and is very active when the ball is snapped.

Needs to Improve
Jonathanís biggest need is more size. It is not going to happen! If he gets bigger, it will affect his skills, so what you see is what you get.

Bottom Line
Jonathan is a systems linebacker.  He has to have a big herd of elephants in front of him to be effective or he will be a nickel/ dime linebacker only. Because of this, it drops his status in the draft out of the 1st round. This does not mean that Jonathan will not be one of the better linebackers in the league some day. It just means for the purpose of the draft that until he proves otherwise, the scouts have no choice but to project him as a system linebacker or nickel/dime LB. You Miami fans, donít get riled up. Rearrange yourselves and listen. Jonathan will have to prove in the NFL that he is more than a system LB. I believe he will. If I am a scout (and want to keep my job), I canít rate him any higher than that. If he bombs and I rate him as a 1st rounder with his size, Iím looking for a job in a sanitary landfill. If I rate him in the 2nd round and he becomes an all pro LB, Iím a genius. HmmmÖ let me see! Genius or job in a landfill--- which one would you pick?

Drew Boylhart