Jordan Carstens†† DT†† Iowa St



Jordan is big, strong and fast.He has very good lateral movement that helps him in the running game. He has all the moves you need in the passing game to be successful in the NFL. He can play in a 1gap or 2gap defense. He is a leader and likes the pressure of the big game. He is a very athletic defensive lineman. Jordan is the type of player that has to be on your team for your team to be successful. Jordan Carstens is not a Ďcute brand new SUVí. He is a pickup truck with a Hemi engine.


Needs to Improve

Jordan wants to overpower everyone before he uses his athletic talents. It is a mind set that he will have to change when he gets to the NFL. He also plays a little too upright at this point of his career. In the pros, you canít play that way and get away with it. The O-lineman will double team you and put you flat on your back. Remember -- as strong as you think you are, there is always someone stronger.


Bottom Line

Jordan is getting lost in the wash a little bit because of all the junior DTís that are coming out. I believe when he has his College/Pro day he will jump right back up the boards. I think Jordan could play DE or DT at the next level. He will be an excellent 1 gap DT and a strong, powerful and quick DE. In a 2gap system, he will do everything in his power to stop the run and if he learns to use better leverage, he just might dominate. No matter what system you have, this kid will be an asset to your team and you will never be sorry that you drafted him. Jordan will be a core player, a leader and an impact player. If you ask Jordan to smack himself in the head with a board three times and then jump in a lake, heíll do it, but donít be fooled. Jordan is very smart.Before he does what you ask of him, heíll look deep into your eyes and tell you that you had better have damn good reason for asking him to do that. What more do you want? He is a first day pick and for me, I look long and hard at him in the 2nd rd. Jordan (Hemi) Carstens is a pickup truck -- not a cute SUV.


The Bottom to the Bottom Line - 04/12/04

Jordan has not been able to work out for the teams that are interested in him because of an injury. This will cause Jordan to drop to the second day of the draft. IMO if he is taken in the 4th round I would think that if he had been healthy and able to work out that he would have been a 1st day pick. Any way you look at it when he is healthy some team will get themselves a hell of a player.


Drew Boylhart