Josh Harris   QB   Bowling Green

Josh has really good size for the QB position. He has a very strong arm and is accurate with his passes. Josh has good running skills and does well in executing the offensive game plan. He is a mature kid and is very easy to coach. Josh had a really good bowl game and showed a lot of promise.

Needs to Improve
Josh is very raw at this stage of his career. He is not yet natural or consistent with the mechanics of his position. He is still learning the position and his personal strengths and weaknesses. He has a long way to go. Josh has not gone through reading defenses and the pressures and responsibilities of a big time college program.

Bottom Line
Will somebody please tell me why the Bowling GREEN team has orange uniforms? I mean really and that logo what IS that? Please don't tell me that looks like a Falcon!!! I think Josh is a little bit of a sleeper in this draft. He just might be a first day pick for some cold weather team that wants a developmental QB. Josh is a pure pocket passer. He just has to come to terms with that fact. He does have very good running skills, but is not very accurate when he tries to throw on the run.  One of the most exciting things that I noticed in the Motor City Bowl game about Josh was his performance. The 1st quarter he was a mess -- trying to do too much. His coach got a hold of him and told him to just stay in the pocket and concentrate on his mechanics and get the ball to his receivers on time. I know this because I saw Josh go off the field after a pitiful three and out, get direction from his coach and the very next series do exactly what he was told to do. By the end of the game, Josh had a 76% completion ratio, threw for 3 TDs and rushed for one more. Josh has a long way to go and IMO should be picked the 2nd day of the draft.  However, if he works out well, I know his interviews could push him into the first day. This is a quality kid and I think a QB sleeper.

Drew Boylhart