Julius Jones   RB   Notre Dame

Julius is a lot stronger runner then he looks. He catches the ball well and has good special teams potential. He has decent hands and quick feet. He has good mental strength and can take a hit. Julius runs well between the tackles and has enough speed to turn the corner.

Needs to Improve
His work ethic has improved and his priorities on and off the field seem to be in order. He must work on his running back skills:  his vision, lateral movement in the hole, setting up his blocks, catching the ball and blocking. That's about it. Not much, right? Julius has a lot of work to do.

Bottom Line
Julius is still developing, but every time I see him, he gets better and better. He reminds me a little bit of Brian Westbrook of the Eagles. You can see the talent and the lack of development.  If you pick him, cross your fingers and hope he will have the work ethic to continue to get better. He could become an important part of your offense, but for me, I think that he is a 2nd day pick because of the work ethic question. To me, academically ineligible means a lot when you are getting something for free (scholarship) and you don't bother to appreciate it.

Drew Boylhart