Junior Siavii†† DT†† Oregon



Junior is a run stuffer and one of the best thatís coming out this year. He does an excellent job at stacking up the double team in the run game. Junior uses his hands very well to shed blocks and has very good lateral movement. He has nice long arms that help him to knock balls down at the line of scrimmage. You will need a Hummer 2 with a wench to move this kid off the line of scrimmage. He can play in a 4/3 or a 3/4 defense.


Needs to Improve

Junior is still learning the position. There are some character issues that have been raised about him. If what I read is true and thatís all there is to the story, I donít think it is a big concern.


Bottom Line

Junior is the type of kid you build your defensive line around. He has natural strength and as long as he keeps his weight in check, he will learn the techniques needed for his position and dominate. I will never understand why this type of player is rated so low by the scouts in the NFL. When DTís dominate, the entire defense benefits from it. Pass rushers donít get double teamed, LBís have the freedom of not worrying about the run, which gives them more time to freelance, QBís have less time in the pocket so DBís need less time to stay with the WRís, I could go on and on. The fact is, that when you have one or two guys on the D-line that cannot be handled unless theyíre doubled teamed, you have the start of a pressure, turnover-creating defense. That is a fact! So why do the scouts rate a run stuffing, double-teaming DT as a 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick? It is beyond me! You would think the playoffs and the Super bowl are proof of the worth of this type of player.


Drew Boylhart