Justin Jenkins   WR   Mississippi St



Justin has good speed and strength for his position. He has very good lateral movement and upper body strength to beat the bump and run off the line of scrimmage. He’s improved his hands from his junior season and has become a very dependable WR. Justin has strong hands and likes to go over the middle. He has improved his route running and has worked very hard to improve his overall skills from his junior year and has done a very good job of it.


Needs to Improve

Justin’s height in another draft year would not be an issue, but this year, any WR under 6’1” is considered small. Justin is 5’ 11”. Justin has one fault that I have noticed over the years. When the ball is thrown over his head, he has a hard time adjusting to it and making the catch. He likes going over the middle, but has a problem jumping in the air and catching the ball. Don’t ask me what this means? I just notice it.


Bottom Line

Justin should be a hell of a #2 receiver. He has the speed to stretch the field. His route running has improved from one year to the next significantly. He has a very strong upper body and should be able to help the team that drafts him right away on special teams and as a slot receiver. He has improved his hands and has done this dramatically from his junior year. I have this sneaking suspicion that the only way that Justin could have improved so much from one year to the next is that he worked out with an alumnus who is a Pro Bowl WR in the NFL. It is my guess that Justin decided to mature and work out with Eric Moulds of the Buffalo Bills. His route running, confidence and hands are so much better that he would have had to have contact with a coach or player of NFL caliber. This is all to his credit. Justin is ready for the NFL and his special team skills will help open the door.


Drew Boylhart