Justin Smiley OG Alabama

Justin is the best pure guard in this draft. He is one of the best pulling guards in this draft. He is one of the most athletic offensive linemen in this draft. He is strong and knows his position. Justin right now is strong in the finesse areas of run blocking.

Needs to Improve
Justin will have trouble for a while with the bull rush. He will have to learn to use his hands in pass protection better and he will have to get stronger in his upper and lower body.

Bottom Line
Justin will be effective as a rookie in the west coast offense blocking schemes. He will be effective given time in any system. He should eventually be one of the better LGs in the NFL. When he works out at the combines or on campus, he will catch the eye of a lot of teams. He is very impressive athletically, but he is not a tackle and he is not a center. He is a guard, a left guard. Now some scouts are going to tell you because of his athleticism that he can play tackle. He does not have the patience with his own abilities to play tackle. He does have the physical talent, but mentally, he does not want that responsibility. Do not try to make this kid do something he does not want to do because you think you are the greatest coach in the world and you and you alone can change this kid. Fuhgeddaboutit! If you ask him if he can play tackle before you draft him, he might say yes because his agent told him to. Don't believe it. Call me first. I will help you get through the delusion that you are good enough to coach this kid in a position that he does not want to play. Trust me I can help through this. I am delusional at times myself, so I am told.

Drew Boylhart