Karlos Dansby†† LB†† Auburn

Karlos has very good speed and change of direction. Karlos has some
leadership qualities. He is an every down linebacker. He is very good in
the passing game. He has nice long arms. He wraps up well. Karlos is a very efficient linebacker. He knows his position. He is a team player. He fits well into a weakside linebacker with pass rushing abilities.

Needs to Improve;
I feel that Karlos needs to get stronger. I know he is 6' 4" but he has a
slim frame. It is not the type of frame that can carry much more weight without cutting into his speed and quickness. He does not have very good tackling technique. He does not drive through with his legs when he wraps up. I feel he arm tackles and in the Pro`s that will not do at all. I do not feel that Karlos has outstanding instincts at this time for his position.

Bottom Line;
Linebackers like Karlos have been very successful in the right system in the NFL. He is limited because of his lack of strength and the ability to gain weight without it affecting his speed. He can get stronger but because he lacks tackling technique, it is questionable whether or not he will get better than he is right now. I feel that if a linebacker does not explode into his tackles in college, he will not do it in the pros. You can't just do it once in awhile; you have to want to do it on every single tackle. You may not succeed, but that isnít the point. Karlos plays light. I like my linebackers to play strong, powerful and with an explosive type of contact and sustain it for a 16 game schedule. To me, if you take a linebacker in the first round, you must feel that you can build your defense around him. You must feel that he can play more than one linebacker position, play in more than one system and you feel that he is a leader. Karlos Dansby will be a good linebacker that will flash because of his speed, but at this time can only play one position -- weakside linebacker. I do not sense that he wants to be a leader. I have seen flashes of leadership on the field, but not enough at this stage. I have seen Karlos make some great plays in college. I just do not see that happening on an every game basis in the NFL except in the passing game. He has great speed and this will keep him in the first round.However, I believe he is a late first rounder. Donít get me wrongÖhe should have a good career in the NFL. Itís just to me, an early first-rounder has to have fewer questions in his play. The scouts will keep him in the first round because you can't teach speed. For me,
if he can't tackle, what good is speed?

Drew Boylhart