Keary Colbert   WR   USC

Keary has good size, good speed and good strength for his position. He runs very good routes and has played in a pro style offense. He has good hands and will battle for the ball. Keary is a smart player and a good teammate.

Needs to Improve
The only thing Keary needs to do is get noticed and as of late, he is succeeding at that. He will also need some technique work and yada yada yada, blah blah blah. You get the picture.

Bottom Line
How many 6'0" 200 lbs 4.45sp wide receivers can be 1st round draft choices? I guess the possibility is thirty-two. Keary is starting to look like he could be one of them. He has been overshadowed by Mike Williams and has not really stepped forward. Keary is starting to show the mental toughness that a #1 WR needs to succeed in the NFL. He will have some trouble for awhile in learning the techniques needed to fight through the bump and run and get better separation, but that should come within a year or two. Meanwhile, he can be used in the slot and make an impact right away for the lucky team that drafts him. He has some kick returner possibilities also. He will just be a good draft pick and a core player for some team.

Drew Boylhart