Keith Smith†† CB†† McNeese St



Keith has good size and speed for his position. He is a good cover corner and is very smart. He has good change of direction abilities and is strong.He dominates most receivers at the college level of play. He is a quality kid who takes pride in his abilities and is a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

The level of play is the biggest concern with Keith and his confidence. These two questions will not be answered for a few years. Keith will have to get stronger and learn the bump and run techniques of the NFL.


Bottom Line

Cornerbacks with this type of athletic talent that have good size and speed like this kid has are definitely at a premium when it comes to a draft. The problem in this case is the level of competition and Free Agency. You see, it can take a kid from this level of competition about three years to really come up to the level needed to be a starter in the NFL and thatís if he doesnít get burned too much and lose his confidence. If you sign him to a four-year contract, then you run the risk of training him for another team. So you are the GM, youíre doing the draft, this kid has the talent and maybe the mental makeup.So, what do you do? Beeeep wrong answer, or should I say partially wrong answer. You got the part right about the length, but you have to do something to make this kid want to learn faster.If he doesnít handle the pressure mentally, it will hurt him in the pocketbook. Watch my lips, INCENTIVE LADEN CONTRACT. A GMís dream contract come true. You interview him and his agent before the draft and hammer this out before you Draft Day -- then you take a shot and draft him. Keith has the talent to play in the NFL. The only question will be, does he play as a starter or a back-up? Personally, I think he has the talent to be a #2 Corner in the NFL.


Drew Boylhart