Keith Willis   TE   Virginia Tech



Keith has excellent size, strength and speed for his position. He has very good hands and has the ability to break tackles after he catches the ball. He has nice long arms and uses them to great advantage when he blocks. Keith has the athletic abilities to eventually be a dominating TE at the next level.


Needs to Improve

First, Keith needs to get serious about playing football at the next level. Then he needs to learn how to run deep routes and get off the line better. Keith needs to develop a burst in and out of his breaks when running routes. Let’s just say this…there is nothing about Keith’s game that he doesn’t need to improve. He has a lot of work ahead of him and I’m not sure he has the work ethic to do it.


Bottom Line

Keith did not decide to even improve his body until just this year. The upside to Keith’s game is tremendous. If he decides to work hard in three years, he could be one of the more dominating TE’s in the NFL. Keith has (so far) wasted a lot of time and talent, but something tells me that the light has come on and he realizes it. He is 6’5” and came into the combine at over 260lbs. He’s run the forty in the 4.58 to 4.76 range. He does a very good job right now as an in-line blocker, but hasn’t developed any blocking techniques.  He has shown the lack of concentration on every play, but when you need a big play he is there and performs well. He is not a student of the game and lacks the football instincts needed to be productive at the next level and yet something tells me that a light has gone on in this kid and he would be an excellent pick on the 2nd day of the draft. If he’s serious, he will develop fast. He has that type of untapped talent. Maybe he is a coach killer, but I just have a feeling about this kid and I think his coach killing days are over. I call him Keith (Killer) Willis…I think you can guess why.


Drew Boylhart