Keiwan Ratliff†† CB†† Florida

Keiwan has very good techniques to play his position. He has good quickness. He loves to intercept the ball. He is a playmaker. He should do well on special teams on the punt return unit because of his quickness.

Needs to Improve
Keiwan needs to be disciplined in his techniques. He doesnít have catch-up speed. He needs to concentrate on every play, not just the ones he thinks are important.

Bottom Line
Keiwan is quick, but not fast. If he plays the correct techniques, he is a good cover CB. Keiwan has good hands and should be a playmaker, but is not a good tackler. He should be a good nickel/dime corner that can help a team with interceptions. He has some running back skills and some WR skills. He has not really played CB that much, so he has some things to learn, but his natural instincts to go after the ball when itís in the air attracts you to him as a player.  I think he has a chance to do well for a team as a punt returner. Keiwan lacks concentration on the field at times. It might be because he needs more experience at his position or it could be because the game at that time is not as important to him as it should be. This will have to be checked out by the teams who are going to give this kid large amounts of money and not by me here. He has good upside talent if he is serious.

Drew Boylhart