Kellen Winslow, Jr   TE   Miami

Kellen has great hands, great athleticism and great speed. He has the ability to make the defense game plan against him. He requires double team coverage and he beats double team coverage. He runs great routes, reads defenses and knows when to break off his routes to help out the QB. He is a good blocker in the run game because he doesn’t give up and moves his feet until the whistle blows. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better.

Needs to Improve
Kellen needs to improve the timing and the quality of his comments when trying to show leadership. I feel that most scouts will misunderstand what Kellen was trying to do when he sounded off to the press. The press thinks that Kellen is another one of those spoiled athletes that shoots off at the mouth and complains about being treated badly by the press. Kellen is just trying to grow up too fast and show leadership. He is putting undue pressure on himself to achieve this. Kellen also shows displeasure and frustration on the field when things are not going right. He wants to win so badly that he sometimes lets that feeling control him. This will all be straightened out as he matures.  So far all I
have talked about is an attitude adjustment. Kellen is not perfect in all aspects of his game on the field -- but is close to it. All Kellen needs to do is grow up a bit and continue to work to be a winner. That's it.

Bottom Line
Some scouts will say that Kellen is a bit undersized. I'm here to say fuhgeddaboutit. He is the right size. I am sick and tired of watching TE's get called for holding because they are not quick enough in the running game. Kellen is smart. If he is getting beat when he blocks for a passing play, he just turns and waits for the ball, turning a busted play into a gain. This makes the rushing player hesitate and gives the QB extra time in the passing game. The big question for Kellen is whether or not the outburst to the press was a maturity problem or some other problem? That question will not be answered here; it will only be answered when the scouts do their homework. I'm leaning towards maturity and a great will to win and be successful for the outburst. Kellen is a top 10-impact player. All he needs to do is have some patience with himself and his teammates. He will flash big time.


Drew Boylhart