Kelly Butler   OT   Purdue

Kelly is a very good football player. He uses his hands well in the passing game with good lateral movement and strength. He has good mental toughness and understands that he is not going to win on every single play. Kelly will be a core player for the team that drafts him. He is a leader.

Need to Improve
Kelly is a little locked in the hips. Kelly needs to work on being a little quicker in all aspects of his game. I know he will accomplish this.

Bottom Line
Kelly will be an excellent OT for the smart team that drafts him. He does have some athletic limitations and this is what drops him to the 2nd round. Some teams are going to downgrade him because they think he is a RT and not a LT, but I think he can play both in time. He is smart and understands his own limitations. Kelly is not a guard. He is tall in his stance and plays tall out of his stance. Kelly is that type of player that may not be your best lineman on the field, but plays with such intelligence and effort that his teammates have great respect for him. He moves his feet well, but not great. He has good lateral movement, but not great. He is a good open field blocker but not great, but he will be great to have on your team. Kelly expects the players around him to play to the best of their abilities because that is what he does. He will be the player that tells the star player on the team to shut up and sit down and if that player doesn't shut up and sit down, Kelly's teammates will help him make this happen. Every team needs a Butler to keep the place clean of all the garbage that comes through the door. Kelly will be that Butler.
It would be interesting if a team drafted a chauffeur (see Gallery profile) and a butler. Hmmmm…would that be the start of getting their house in order?

Drew Boylhart