Kenechi Udeze   DE   USC


Kenechi is very strong and powerful. He has good size and three things that will serve him well in the NFL. Long legs, long arms and long on brains, too. He is well schooled on the different moves that are required for success in the NFL. His run techniques are excellent because if his strength. His strength is more natural. He does not have to wear himself out pumping iron during the season.

Needs to improve
Kenechi needs to improve the use of his hands to disengage from the blocker faster. Right now, he is just overpowering everyone. In the NFL, linemen are bigger and just as strong as he is.

Bottom Line
Kenechi reminds me a lot of Bruce Smith. He has the same long arms and long legs. He is not as quick but much more powerful. Kenechi does his pass rush just a little bit different from most DE’s. His first step is slow, but his second step is fast and powerful. This is not the style used by the new situational speed rushers in the NFL, so you might think that he is not a speed rusher, but he is. His first step is used to engage the lineman and set up his second step. Personally, I think that the name Kenechi Udeze means “Kick your ass”, because that's what he does to his opponents. An absolute 1st rounder.

Drew Boylhart