Kevin Jones   RB   Virginia Tech

Speed, speed, speed, speed, speed. Oh and by the way, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Kevin also has good size and is average to good in the passing game. He is very athletic. He is fluid in the hips and he is not cut too high in the legs. That means he does not take long strides. A lot of players who take long strides have a problem keeping their balance. The longer the stride, the longer your leg is off the ground. The longer your leg is off the ground, the easier it is to knock the player off stride and off balance. Some players have enough speed to compensate for this problem. Kevin does not have this problem, but he has the speed anyway. A recipe for success?

Needs to Improve
Kevin really does not have all the running skills that you look for in an RB. Vision is only fair, cutting ability is questionable, hands could be better, body lean should be lower, is not really a tough runner between the tackles, bounces a lot to the outside. He must get stronger and bigger to take the pounding of the NFL. All of these things could be moot because of his speed and quickness.

Bottom Line
Kevin reminds me a lot of Thomas Jones of the Bucs or does he remind me of Clinton Portis, picked in the second round by Denver? Hmmm, let me think. You see my point. Unless you have a crystal ball, Kevin is a ‘boom or bust’ type of player. I can tell you this. If you draft him, do two things. First, study the blocking assignments of the Denver Bronco’s offensive line and use them for this kid. Then draft another RB later in the draft who might be slower, but has all the RB skills that are needed in the NFL. The second back maybe slower, but you should be able to run the ball with some consistency if Kevin blows a wheel or can’t make it. Players like this are always worthy of taking a chance on because when they do have success, the Super Bowl is the limit. Most scouts will tell you, "You can’t teach speed.” I will go you one better…you can’t CATCH speed either.

Drew Boylhart