Keyaron Fox†† LB†† Georgia Tech



Keyaron has very good speed and burst. Heís a good tackler. He has good mental toughness and takes good angles. He plays hard and studies film. He likes to hit and be hit.


Needs to Improve

Keyaron is locked in his hips, so he will have some problems in the passing game. He is a little light for his position. He needs to add weight and strength. He is limited to playing the weak side linebacker position because of these limitations.


Bottom Line

Keyaron is a good kid. Heís good as long as the play is in front of him.He has good tackling techniques and has some special team coverage abilities. I do not think that Keyaron will be an every down LB in the NFL. He will have to come out in the passing game unless he is used to rush the passer. If he can bulk up to about 250lbs and not lose his speed and quickness, he could very well be an excellent weak-side rush linebacker. However, I donít think his physique will allow that much increase in weight, so at this stage, he is at best a two down LB. He has very good straight-line speed, but you have to be able to change direction and cover and handle the point of attack. He does this at the college level, but I think he will have a lot of problems doing this in the NFL. A lot of people are high on Keyaron because of his speed and quickness, but his lack of change of direction skills nullifies these abilities. Injuries have kept him off the field in college and I think injuries will affect him in the NFL. His style of play does not fit his size and this will lead to further injuries.


Drew Boylhart