Larry Fitzgerald   WR   Pittsburgh


Larry has pro hands. They are strong and powerful. He can go up and pull the ball away from a DB without blinking an eye. He is a leader and a good teammate. His understanding of the wide receiver position has been taught to him through the eyes of the QB position. He is intelligent and has football smarts, which is equal to a player who is fast and quick. He understands his limitations and works to improve them all the time. Larry has great mental toughness. He is an impact player.

Needs to Improve
I think he can improve his quickness so that he can limit the amount of impact he will receive when someone tackles him after he catches the football. This will keep him healthy and on the field.

Bottom Line
Larry has three skills that separate him from most receivers. Oddly enough, these skills are learned skills and not natural. They are:  great concentration, strong hands and looking at the QB after he makes his move on a DB to free himself. Larry has learned that the route as made up on paper means nothing in a game. He has learned that as soon as
he’s open, he looks to the QB to let him know that he doesn’t have to wait for the route to be completed before he passes the ball. Sometimes this happens after just two steps into a route. His eyes say, ‘Throw it now, stupid. I’m open’. This is important in the pro game because of the pass rush. Larry is not that fast. I bet he runs about a 4.60 in the forty. This will shock some people. Not me. I see how he runs routes. He puts the
DB on his back and shields him from the ball. That is a move used for years by the big time WR’s. Most of them will be in the Hall of Fame. Most of them as fast as Larry. It does not take a genius to figure that Larry will have a big impact in the NFL. He will not be satisfied with stats. He will try to improve every year. He wants to be one of the best ever to play the game. The teams that pass on him may just be passing on greatness.  Larry might be downgraded because of the lack of speed. BIG MISTAKE!

Drew Boylhart