Lee Evans WR Wisconsin

Lee came back quickly from his knee injury. He has regained most of his speed. He has good strength for his size and has decent hands. Lee's mental strength is very impressive.


Needs to Improve

Lee needs to improve in all phases of his game. He is fighting the odds of CBs that are growing bigger, stronger and faster in the NFL. The bump and run is going to kill him the first couple of years.


Bottom Line

There is no doubt about it -- Lee can be successful in the NFL because of his will, but he has a long way to go. He must play faster and quicker and he must concentrate better on the long ball. The future of his game relies on his ability to catch the deep ball consistently. He must catch the deep ball EVERY TIME that it is thrown to him period, end of discussion. There have been plenty of players who have been deep ball threats in college and have not carried it over to the pros. There are too many WRs coming out in the draft that are big and strong but lack speed. Players like Lee are going to be at a premium, but he must catch the deep ball consistently or be just another receiver. Lee Evans might not be picked until the third round in this draft. That's a shock to most of you reading this, but there are too many tall, strong, fast receivers with better hands then Lee and he has not fully recovered from his knee injury. I think that Lee might do very well in the slot as a third receiver, but as a starting WR, he will have serious problems. He can be an impact player in the slot. If the scouts agree with me, it usually means he will be picked in the second or third round. I call him Lee (every time) Evans because he must catch the deep ball every time it is thrown to him.


Drew Boylhart