Lousaka Polite†† FBPittsburgh



Lousaka is a good kid. He runs hard and blocks hard and does everything with the enthusiasm you wish everybody in this draft would have. He has good speed for his position.


Needs to Improve

I hate to say this, but I donít think that Lousaka has the athleticism to play in the NFL. He might be able to will himself into playing at the next level and I hope he does.


Bottom Line

Lousaka tries, but really does not have the feet or hands or balance to be a FB in the NFL. He does block well if he blocks straight away, but his lateral movement is just not good enough to block in space and he seems to get his feet tangled when he moves in any direction other then straight. This kid is a leader and an asset in the locker room and I think after he tries for a couple of years to see if he can make the NFL, he will be an excellent coach. The type of coach that some kid you will never forget. The type of coach that may affect a kidís life in a positive way and help make that kid successful. Lousaka, I would bring you into camp in a minute to see if you could be an asset on a special teams unit and I would bend over backwards to give you a chance to prove that you could and to prove that this profile is wrong. I can see on the film what kind person you are and how your teammates look to you and your leadership. I donít have to meet you to see that. I can also see on the film that your coaches and teammates respect you. This all comes through the screen as I watch you play. It is very powerful and without a doubt. So give it a shot and if it doesnít work out, please figure a way to share that power with other people. It is your true talent.


Drew Boylhart