Madieu Williams†† S†† Maryland

Madieu has good size and speed for the FS position. He is a cover safety that tackles as well as any strong safety. He has good hip flip for single coverage and great instincts when he plays zone coverage. He enjoys the mental competition between the QB and FS position. He has leadership qualities and is confident about his talent.

Needs to Improve
Madieu is another player that needs to get his college athletic department to introduce him to some NFL scouts. There is not much wrong with this kidís game.

Bottom Line
Madieu is one of the best free safeties in this draft. He is first day material. He is quick and fast and a very good tackler. Madieu plays like his crotch is on fire. He is all over the field. He directs other players, he makes tackles, makes interceptions and he knocks down passes. What more do you want? Maybe he should come over to your house and cook a meal for you, too! Would that be enough for someone to notice this kid? This kid is very underrated. I do not know what more an NFL team could want in a free safety. Mike Doss last year was taken in the 2nd round. Iím telling you, Mike is a good player and an asset to his team, but Madieu is a much better safety all the way around. Madieu should go in the 2nd round, but if I need a pure free safety in the latter part of the first round, I would
think real hard about this kid. No doubt there would be a lot of arguing going on to pick Madieu Williams or hope he dropped to my pick in the 2nd.

Drew Boylhart