Marcell AllmondCB† †USC



Marcell has very good size, strength and speed for his position. He has the ability to play bump and run coverage in the NFL. He has good change of direction skills and has the abilities to physically and mentally intimidate his opponents. The most impressive skill that Marcell possesses comes into play when the ball is in the air. He believes that the ball is his and his alone.


Need to Improve

Right now, there is not a more inconsistent CB in this draft than Marcell. His techniques are inconsistent. His confidence is inconsistent. His athletic abilities are inconsistent. I cannot tell you why from the film. I would have to talk with this kid personally to get the answers.


Bottom Line

Marcell has IT, but at this point of his career, he just doesnít have enough of IT. He has the skills and strength, the speed and quickness, the attitude and smarts, to be an impact player in the NFL. He just hasnít put it all together. Does he have off field concerns that have affected his play? Has he had injuries that have affected his play? Does he lack the repetitions at this time that would have developed his instincts for his position? I think the answer is yes to all of these questions. Marcell can be as good as he wants to be. One thing I know about Marcell - and it shows in every piece of film that I have - is that he smells the ball when itís in the air and he goes and gets it like a rattler gets its prey. I call him Marcell (Rattler) Allmond because when the ballís in the air, he devours it like a rattler devours its prey.


Drew Boylhart