Marcus Tubbs   DT   Texas

Marcus is a big, immoveable object. He is strong and powerful and for his size, has good lateral movement. He uses his hands well and ties up the guard and center on almost every running play. Opposing coaches have to plan for him in the running game or they will get their running backs killed. I have seen him destroy the blocker in a 1-gap offense and be in the backfield so fast I think he picked the nose of the QB. He has not been used in this type of defense very often. Most scouts will say that he is only a 2-gap player that can only play two downs. I will tell you a little secret…he can rush the passer too.

Needs to Improve
I think Marcus gets a little bored with his responsibilities of stopping the run. He will need to get stronger and should start working to better his lateral movement. He is athletic and can do this. Stamina is a concern for anybody as big as this and that is why Marcus is used as a 2-down lineman. Marcus will need to improve his tackling techniques.

Bottom Line

Marcus is an excellent DT. He is another one of those players that you tend to look away from because he just does his job so well. He is always doubled and tripled teamed. Players that have this happen to them are not exciting to watch. They do their job and someone else gets the tackle. The MLB for Texas is in for a long year next year if they do not have someone to replace this kid. You could run against Texas this year as long as you took care of Marcus in the middle of the line. Marcus’ stats are outstanding. In his senior year, he had 74 tackles including 12 tackles for loss and 6 sacks. He played all four years and in that time he averaged 51 tackles - 10 tackles for loss, 3 sacks per year. You can double that output for a pro season because college teams play roughly half the amount of games the pros do. I'm not a big stat guy, but sometimes to draw attention to a player and the quality of play that is being produced, you have to point to something that is factual. Marcus can be more than a two down tackle if you want him to be. He is like the killer whale of the defensive lineman. That's why I call him Marcus (Moby) Tubbs, the killer whale.

Drew Boylhart