Mark Pierce†† FB†† Arkansas



Mark has good size, speed and athletic talent for his position. He has a little more wiggle than a typical north-south runner. Heís got good hands when catching the swing pass and is a good blocker in the running game. He is smart and has no problems identifying and picking up blitzing linebackers in the passing game. Mark has ALL the skills of a true Fullback.


Needs to Improve

I think Mark is bored with the college game because he doesnít play with the consistency that will be required of him at the NFL level. Character issues are the main concern with Mark.


Bottom Line

In this draft, Mark might be one of the most complete players at his position. His off field character issues need to be looked at and then evaluated by teams for their truthfulness. These issues will not be a part of my evaluation because I base my evaluations strictly off what I see on film. What I see on the film is a very talented player. He has the talent to break tackles, block in the running and passing game, catch the ball out of the backfield and a macho-man kind of attitude when running the ball. By that I mean, he word rather go through you than around you. I also see that he isnít interested in a play if heís not involved. He loses interest and gives away plays to his opponents with his body language and his non-reaction at the snap of the ball if heís not involved in the play. I donít think that Mark is a very good team player. Well, thatís what I see on film and the film never lies.


Drew Boylhart