Marquise Hill†† DT/DE†† LSU



Marquise is bigger than the average size for his position. He is strong and has very long arms and legs. Marquise is very strong and uses his arms well to keep O-linemen away from his legs. He plays well within the game plan and is disciplined. He has played in some NFL schemes used by the LSU style of defense. Marquise is a player that has great upside to his game for the NFL. He will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

Marquise is a tadpole in his development as a football player. He needs to work on his quickness and learn to shed blocks quicker. He needs to learn to use his size to his advantage. Right now when he bull rushes, he drops his head into the OLís chest. When he does little things like this, he loses the advantage of his size. All of his techniques need to be refined.


Bottom Line

Marquise was playing out of position on the LSU team in my opinion. He is a DT or a RDE but not a LDE. How do you tell Marcus Spears to move? You donít! How to you tell Chad (The Count) Lavalais to move? You donít! So what do you do? You put him at any other position so that he gets experience and learns the pressure of being an every down lineman on a championship team. Marquise did that and now for the NFL, because he is coming out early, he needs to find a position. I have no doubts about taking this kid the first day of the draft. I just hope that the team that takes him is patient. He should be a force in about three years in the NFL. He should be a core player and maybe a Pro Bowl player. He is tall and strong with long arms and legs and good lateral movement. What more do you want for a defensive lineman? He has all the tools -- he just has to be taught how to use them. Marquise (The Force) HillÖhe will be a force to be reckoned with.


Drew Boylhart