Matt Kranchick   TE   Penn St



Matt is very tall and lanky with good speed off the line of scrimmage. He catches the ball with his hands and has very good run-after-the-catch skills. He has WR skills.


Needs to Improve

Matt needs to improve in all areas of his position. He does not block very well and hesitates in and out of his cuts like he is thinking too much. This kid will have to work really hard to make the NFL.


Bottom Line

This kid has the big P-word attached right to his forehead. He is the type of kid that, in the second day, you take a chance on because the rewards could be too big to pass up. He is a Wide Receiver turned Tight End just after Zack Mills hurt his arm and forgot how to throw. Penn St didn’t use him much because they had to rely on the running game and needed a TE that could block. This kid doesn’t block. Matt is a pass catching TE that runs about a 4.6-4.7 in the forty with excellent hands and is tall. Penn St decided to change him from a WR to a TE in his senior year, so he is under the radar. Add in the fact that the QB got hurt and you have the first 6’6”-6’7” TE that disappears right before your very eyes. Matt has talent and can help a team right away in a situational role and then become the new Wesley Walls. There is a big P stuck on this kid’s forehead and it does not stand for Penn St -- it stands for POTENTIAL.


Drew Boylhart