Matt Mauck†† QB†† LSU



Matt has good size for his position and is a very good leader. He makes good decisions in and out of the pocket. He has very good mental toughness and is a winning QB from a championship program. Matt has a quick release and throws the ball with good touch in the short game. He throws the ball very well on crossing patterns and slants.


Needs to Improve

Matt can throw the ball deep, but not with good velocity. If you force Matt to throw to the outside portions of the field, it will result in interceptions.


Bottom Line

Remember the two things you canít teach a QB. Arm strength and mental toughness. Matt has the mental toughness but just does not have the arm strength. He will be an excellent backup QB, but not a starter. The longer heís on the field, the easier it will be to defend against him because of his lack of arm strength. He is such a good field general. He can come into a game and win it for you and then win a few more -- but donít be fooled into thinking because of that leadership that he can take you to the big one. Matt is an outstanding person and will be an asset to the team that drafts him and if he is used correctly he will be a fan favorite for a long time. If he is used incorrectly, he will fail and youíll wish you had seen this profile on him. Matt is the type of QB that will take a bad team to the 500 levelÖbut thatís where it will end. We have a ton of these types of QBís in the league right now because the quality of QBís for the last five or ten years just hasnít been very good. Matt Mauck is a 2nd day pick at this point of the draft.


Drew Boylhart