Matt Schaub QB Virginia

Matt has good size for the QB position and a very good arm. He is a pocket passer that moves well in the pocket. Matt makes quick decisions with the ball and in his senior year, had a 70% completion percentage. Matt has good leadership qualities.

Needs to Improve
Matt is still learning the QB position. He needs to learn a ton of things. Reading defenses, speed of the NFL game, quicker release, aw hella whole bunch of stuff. Matt just needs to get better in all phases of his game.

Bottom Line
Remember, the most important skills for the QB position that cannot be taught are natural arm strength and mental toughness. Matt has both -- a big time arm and great mental toughness. If Matt doesn't have a big ego that gets in the way of taking direction, he is a lock for a good developmental starting QB prospect. Matts play on the field leads me to believe that a big ego is not a problem for him. He interacts on the sideline with his coaches and teammates in a very professional manner. Matt strikes me as the type of personality that is just waiting to learn. If he is drafted by a team with a strong QB coach, he could develop very fast. In my opinion, he is a prospect that should be a starting NFL QB, not just a back up. He is another one of the many QBs in this draft that normally would be a 4th or 5th rounder, but if his interviews are good, he could be picked sometime on the first day of this draft. Matt Schaub reminds me of Tom Brady. He has a strong arm, good demeanor, great size, mental toughness, good accuracy and is liked by his teammates and coaches. I like to call him One-Eyed Matt because - now that I think about it - I dont have a clue why I like to call him One-Eyed Matt. I just like to call him that.

Drew Boylhart