Matt Ware†† S/CB†† UCLA



Matt has good size and speed for the free safety position and good size for the CB position. He is a good teammate and was the starting CB in his freshman year in eleven games for the Bruins. In his sophomore year, he played mostly CB and some free safety. He has good hands for intercepting the ball and good overall ball skills. Matt is smart and a leader and will be an asset to the team that drafts him. He has the sideline-to-sideline speed to use him in a cover one scheme.


Needs to Improve

Matt needs to improve his change of direction skills and learn the bump and run techniques used in the NFL. He also needs to get stronger and wrap up better when he tackles. In the run game, he needs to learn how to re-direct the sweep and come up faster for the tackle.


Bottom Line

Matt is not a great one-on-one CB. I really donít think he will ever be quick enough, but he will be an excellent cover free safety and zone CB. He reminds me a lot of Jason Sehorn before Jason made a habit of getting injured all the time. Jason was on his way to being an impact player before he decided to return a kickoff and get injured. I feel Matt has that same ability. These types of players are so important to a team when you get into the red zone because of the tall receivers that are flooding the NFL these days. In the red zone, Matt should be able to cover most WRís one on one. In the middle of the field, you better play zone or put him at his natural position Ė free safety. I have seen better tacklers than Matt, but he does get the job done. I always say -- if your free safety is making a lot of tackles, you got some big problems anyway. Mattís football growth has been stunted by the fact that he has moved between CB and Safety. Itís a catch-22 situation in that he can play both, but to evaluate him at either position is difficult because he is not learning anything more than the basics of each position and doing everything on natural athletic ability. If Matt were a pure free safety and had played the position for two or three years, it is my guess he would have been a 1st day pick.However, because he needs to develop and find one position, he will most likely fall to the 2nd day.


Drew Boylhart