Matthias Askew   DT   Michigan St



Matt is very big and very strong for his position. He has been overpowering his opponents. He has good techniques at the college level and uses his hands well. He understands his job and shows leadership skills with his play on the field. He will be a good teammate and, at the least, a core player. This kid has tremendous upside to his future.


Needs to Improve

Right now, Matt guesses a lot. It just so happens he guesses right most of the time. He should stay in another year. If he did stay another year, he would be a top 15 pick in next year’s draft.


Bottom Line

I am positive that as we get closer to the draft, this kid will get closer to the first round. He is just a mountain of a kid with room to grow and has new purpose in his personal life to be successful. Matt has a lot of things to learn yet about the game. He plays too high right now and in the pros, that is a big mistake. At the snap, he stands up to see into the backfield to react. It will take him a year or two to break this habit, but when he does, he will dominate in both phases of the game. Right now, he tries to do too much for his team. The reason for this is to impress scouts with his stats. This is not a bad thing, but it does lead to bad habits in his techniques that will have to be corrected for the NFL. Matt’s athleticism for a kid his size is outstanding and the closer we get to the draft, the more the scouts will not be able to deny this. Remember the draft is about trying to project a player’s potential in the NFL, not his play in college. Matt has improved every year.  Add that to his size and athleticism and you have to project him as a POTENTIAL stud DT in the NFL.


Drew Boylhart