Max Starks   OT   Florida

Max is enormous with very long arms. He uses his hands well in the passing game and plays for a pass-oriented offense. He has good stamina for a kid his size, good mental toughness and pride in his game. He has played left tackle for his college program.

Max is not a left tackle in the pros. His hips are locked and he does not move his feet very well. Max also lacks the lateral quickness to fight off a speed pass rusher in the NFL.

The biggest problem for Max is that I don't think he is quick enough out of his stance to move him into the guard position. If I am correct, this makes Max a one-position player on the O-line. That position is RT and RT only. I would work him out for R-Guard, but unless I feel he can improve in his quickness out of his stance, for drafting purposes, he would drop down on my personal board to a third or fourth rounder. He comes from a big program and has a lot of repetitions and that would make him a solid back-up, but unless he has a real good TE to cover him up, he would be a liability. I think what you see is what you get with Max and I do not believe there is much upside to him at this stage in his career. Max could
help a team if he is put into the right system because he has good mental toughness and plenty of repetitions in a big program.  However, I feel after a few years, the team that drafts him will be looking to upgrade his position and Max would travel from team to team looking for a spot. If Max can just be quicker out of his stance and move his feet in the running game better, he has a chance as a R-guard. He seems like a good kid and I hope he gets with a good O-line coach that will push him in this direction.

Drew Boylhart